Atomic Bullet Thunder Mug Cannon

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

This is a bullet shaped mini black powder cannon. I am not quite sure why they call it a mug. I suppose it is somewhat mug sized.

Here is a time lapse of the Thunder Cannon being fabricated. Go to The Mans Cave to get one.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Mark N. Mark N. on Apr 02, 2014

    I love I!. if I set this off in my back yard, one of my dogs (who is afraid of any and all loud noises) would immediately expel anything and everything from every orifice of her body and then disappear until forced out by hunger. Five minutes later the police would be at the door, and I think I might have a hard time explaining how this did not violate the county ban on fireworks or the city ban on discharge of firearms within city limits. What a gas!

  • Sulaco Sulaco on Apr 02, 2014