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POTD: Ancient Naval Cannon

This POTD, short for Photo Of The Day, includes a short history lesson and also a quest for those who may know more on the subject. Finnaccuracy, from Finland, as the name suggest, visited a local museum and found an interesting piece of history. It would be great if [Read More…]

3D Print Gunpowder process (Yang et al, 2020)

Yemeni Rebel Improvised Cannons On Display in Houthi Propaganda Video

Creating improvised firearms is one thing, but a recent propaganda video released by the Yemeni rebel and terrorist group Ansar Allah (better known as the Houthis) threw the spotlight on some weapons that take this to the next level. 20mm, 23mm, and even 30mm caliber [Read More…]

32-Barrel Machine-Cannon

The insanity and ingenuity that can be found in the firearms world never ceases to amaze me. My latest personal muse is this black-powder machine-cannon suited for .36 caliber (cannon) balls. Using 4 rows of eight barrels, this portable wonder shoots nearly as quick as [Read More…]