Ammo Shortage Continues

    Empty store shelves. Photo by JoshNix9. reports on the shortage of ammunition in South Dakotan gun stores

    The explanations for the shortage differ. At a gun show over the weekend at the Ramkota Hotel, a couple of hunters said they believe ammo manufacturers are producing as much as they ever did.

    “The only shortage is on the shelves. People are still in panic mode, still buying stuff,” said Dave Soehren of Appleton, Minn.

    Cory Appl, the sporting goods manager of Ken’s Shell Express, said customers are also looking for .17 HMR, a rimfire rifle cartridge for the Hornady Magnum Rimfire, and .22 Magnum ammo. Ken’s hasn’t had any .22 Magnum cartridges in months, and it’s also been a while since the store has stocked .17 HMR, he said.

    Five to 20 customers a day come in asking about .22 ammunition, Appl said. The last big load of .22 longs that Ken’s received — 80 boxes — was in October. Those were gone in a day and a half, Appl said.

    There’s also sometimes an issue holding on to .243 Winchester and .22-250 Remingtons, Appl said.

    Many visit Dunham’s each week, looking for .22 long cartridges.

    A lot of hunters come in on Tuesday while the delivery truck is unloading, said Sandra Murphy, one of the store’s managers.

    In December I blogged why there was a ammo shortage. I sincerely believe the shortage is caused by too much demand. Maybe this shortage is slightly contributed by the poor forecasting of demand from the manufacturers, but mostly excessive demand. If factories are producing to capacity, the opportunity cost of producing .223 means that less .22/.243/7mm-08 will be made and vice versa.

    Thanks to Jay for the link.

    Steve Johnson

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