Ammo Shortage? The Aussies Are Coming, The Aussies Are Coming!

    Australian Outback Ammunition has just announced that they will be selling .223 and .308 ammunition here in the U.S.A starting this month. They have developed a few different loadings, but their big claim is a feature they call BTI, or Ballistic Temperature Independence. The company claims that their ammo maintains a more consistent velocity over a wide range of ambient temperatures.

    Aussie Ammo 1

    This simple graph actually makes an audacious claim.


    Practically, this means you can sight in your rifle on a hot summer day and have a very close point of impact with the same scope settings on a cold winter day six months later. Alternately, a big game hunter could sight in his rifle on a cold day in Wisconsin, then go on safari in hot, humid South Africa without having to re-zero his sights (although after a transcontinental trip, would you trust yours anyway?).

    Aussie Ammo 2

    Initial loadings offered by Australian Outback Ammunition.

    Regardless of the utility of Ballistic Temperature Independence, it is always a good thing to see more high quality, accurate brass cased ammunition on the way to our shores during this time of insatiable demand and seemingly limited supply. Send us all you can from the land down under!