Early Integrated Rifle Electronics

    "Not in production" ... heh

    At their SHOT Show booth Knight’s Armament Company (KAC)┬áhad an early model Armalite AR-10 with a post-WWII night vision system on display. I do not know which night vision system this is or even if it was a production system. The scope looked similar to the M2 Infrared Sniper Scope Gen 0 and the lamp looked similar to the Active Infrared Gen 0 “20,000v” system (if it helps, the lamp is labeled MODEL X-26A). What is really interesting is that the IR lamp switch is integrated into the rifle pistol grip. To turn it on all the operator needed to do was squeeze his middle finger, not unlike the Crimson Trace laser grips today.



    Of course whatever ergonomically advantage that switch offered, it was offset by the 25+ lbs of extra weight the operator had to carry around with him (scope + lamp + battery).


    Many thanks to the KAC employee (and also TFB reader) who showed me the system.


    Steve Johnson

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