DoubleTap Training Grip

    Training Grip

    The DoubleTap Tactical Pocket Pistol is designed to be a “last-ditch” gun to be used in grave situations to save one’s life.  It is not a fun gun to shoot, and putting a lot of rounds through it can be painful.  I’ve put dozens of 9mm and .45 ACP rounds through one gun. While doable, it was not an experience that I wish to relive.

    DoubleTap announced the Training Grip, which is a rubber grip designed to take some of the sting out of practicing with the pistol.  The grip slips onto the gun and absorbs some of the recoil.

    The company does not recommend carrying the gun with the grip on it.  The grip can catch on a pants pocket during the draw, which could have disastrous consequences in a self-defense situation.

    MSRP is $25, and the grips will be sold on the DoubleTap site in “early 2014.”

    Richard Johnson

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