New Kel-Tec Bullpups

    Kel-Tec vaporware

    A photo of an Kel-Tec advertisement or flyer is making its way around the internet.  It shows two new bullpup-style carbines that will be introduced this year.  One is called the RDB, while the second is called the M43.

    The limited information shown suggests the guns will first be available in .223 Rem with 6.5 Grendel and 7.62×39 coming along later.  However, the guns will probably not be available for at least 6-9 months as the ad states “223Rem available by late 2014” and no dates are given for other calibers.  Cynical readers might suggest not holding one’s breath for these to arrive based on the difficulty in finding the company’s other products.

    Kel-Tec currently sells another bullpup-style gun called the RFB, which is available in .308 Win/7.62 NATO.

    Thanks to reader TG for the tip on this one.

    Richard Johnson

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