The Chilean manufacturer FAMAE now has a US importer, AD&R Imports is currently bringing in Law Enforcement and dealer samples of the FAMAE product line.

    The AD&R Imports website is currently just a placeholder, but they are in the process of gaining approval to import some of the FAMAE guns as semi-auto pistols for the USA civilian market. They will be selling stocks and foregrips for NFA owners that chose to convert their weapons as an AOW or SBR. The pistols currently planned are the SAF, SAF200 (shown above), Mini SAF, and SG543. It has taken a year and a halt to gain approval for the restricted firearms, it can’t be easy to import these from Chile, the earliest we can anticipate seeing these civilian legal firearms would be the fourth quarter of 2014.

    Regardless of the long wait, this is great news for collectors and fans of the SIG line of rifles. Cold War rifle collectors will be anxious to hear of an SG542 import, the first time a 540/550 variant would be available in .308 to the USA market.

    Listings below are From the AD&R Imports dealer price sheet, LE prices would be lower for quantity and tax exemptions.

    famae usa product line

    Ethan M

    Ethan’s firearm interests are mostly with Cold War era select-fire weapons and their semi-auto counterparts.