FAMAE SG540 Series Available in Canada

    Canadians can now purchase the SIG SG540 series manufactured by FAMAE of Chile. Tactical Imports announced the SG540, SG542, and SG543 [image above] have finally been classified for importation approval. The former two are assigned a non-restrictive classification while the SG543 is considered restricted, due to the barrel length being shorter than the required 470mm (18.5 in).


    FAMAE SG540

    That is the good news, the bad news is the SG542 is $2699 and $2899 for the SG540 and SG543. The SG542 is a .308 rifle with a 475mm barrel (18.7 in). The SG540 has the same length of barrel but is chambered in 5.56mm, the SG543 is also in 5.56mm but with a compact 300mm barrel (11.8 in).


    FAMAE SG542

    From Tactical Import’s announcement:

    The FAMAE SG 54X rifles are a series of gas operated rotating bolt battle rifles developed by Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft (SIG). The SG 54X line is license built in Chile. SIG designers used a long-stroke piston-driven action (with the recoil spring wrapped around the piston rod itself) and a 3 position adjustable gas regulator. The firearm is locked into battery by means of a rotating bolt which features two massive steel locking lugs. The receiver is made from steel and has two major parts, upper and lower, which are connected by pushpins. Rear sights are diopter drum-style. The rifles can be configured with fixed polymer buttstock or with side-folding tubular metallic buttstock. Black stock/handguard.

    The rifles are available for pre-order; orders placed before the end of July, receive free shipping and a choice of fixed or folding stock. Which implies you would otherwise not have a choice. Pre-order deliveries are expected this winter, while regular inventory won’t be available until at least summer of next year.

    TFB posted earlier about the FAMAE 9mm SAF Canadian importation and inside the FAMAE factory.

    Any corrections or explanations on Canadian law, related to restrictive ownership, are welcome.

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