XM8 Project: Turn A HK SLR Into A G36

    A Real H&K XM8 (top), Tommy Tactical conversion (bottom)

    TommyBuilt Tactical is an 07/SOT FFL who specialize in customizing H&K rifles. They are busy working on a conversion kit to turn a H&K SLR rifle, the sporting version of the H&K G36, into a H&K XM8 look-alike.




    The ill-fated XM8 was designed in that brief period of time when the military realized the value of modular rifles, but before the picatinny rail really took off to become the ultimate way to achieve this. This lead to its futurist design, that looks like it came straight from a hollywood prop supply company, lacking the “tactical” rails which adorn almost every surface of later rifles. It was also designed during that unfortunate period when gun designers thought integrating optics into a gun was a good way to shave a little weight off a rifle. If the XM8 program had not been cancelled, it would have faced strong competition from the FN SCAR, and even H&K’s own HK416, which arrived not long after.

    Tommy tactical have not finished this project and so pricing is not available (despite writing this, I am seriously going to be getting about one email per month over the next year from excited fanboys asking about pricing).

    Steve Johnson

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