Two New Superformance Loads from Hornady

    375 Ruger 250gr GMX

    In 2014, Hornady will make two new loads in the company’s Superformance line of ammunition.  One load will be for the .375 H&H, while the second will be for the .375 Ruger.

    The .375 H&H load will use a 375 grain GMX bullet, which is the company’s all copper bullet that uses a polymer tip in the hollowpoint.  The muzzle velocity is listed as 2890 fps, and the energy measures 4636 ft-lbs.  MSRP is $90.44 for a box of 20 rounds.

    A 250 grain GMX bullet is used in the new .375 Ruger load.  Hornady puts muzzle velocity at 2900 fps and energy at 4668 at the muzzle.  The suggested retail is $86.81/box.

    Richard Johnson

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