Traditions Training Cartridges

    Rifle Training Cartridges

    If you have ever trained with dummy ammunition, it is very possible that you have been disappointed with some aspect of it.  Often, the training cartridges are much lighter than normal ammo, they can be of an improper length and far too often they don’t stand up to repeated use.  I can’t tell you hot many rims I have ripped off of plastic dummy rounds in training.

    Traditions Performance Firearms is now offering training cartridges that are weighted like real ammo, meet all SAAMI size specs and have brass cases and rims for excellent durability.  Additionally, there is an impact absorbing “primer” to allow for dry firing without damage to your firearm.

    There are more than 60 different cartridges and shells available for handgun, rifle and shotgun from 17 Rem to 50 BMG.

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