BeowulfX Picatinny Rail

    Crowdfunding has brought us a plethora of new firearm products and parts over the last year or so, from AR-15 upper and lower receivers to gun lock boxes. Well here’s a new product for the AR-15 that’s a bit, different. The BeowulfX Picatinny Rail mounting system from Beaowulf X Firearms Xessories [sic] is a new mounting solution that allows the user to install multiple accessories from the same mount. Available in a single, double and triple rail configuration it allows you to mount optics, lights, lasers or pretty much anything you want.

    What could be the advantage of such a setup? Mounting everything towards the center of the rifle as opposed to out front on the handguard would help keep it more balanced. What could be the drawbacks? The height over bore seems a bit too high, and while having all your accessories centrally located may seem like a good theory, it would locate them too far from your hand to actually control them. Also having your weapon light located that far back on the rifle is not the optimal location for it. The BeowulfX is on Rockethub right now where the designer of the the BeowulfX is trying to raise funds to produce 500 units.


    Ray I.

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