Breaking News: Chinese Company Exporting 80% AR-15 Receivers

    After three decades of executive orders and trade sanctions from three different presidents it is hard to work out exactly what firearms can be exported from China. Certain shotguns, which lack “evil” features and which are not made in either of the two main state-owned gun factories, are imported into the USA legally, but it seems lawyers in either country have failed to find any other glaring loopholes that would allow guns to be exported from China and imported in the USA.

    One company, Wotech Industrial Co., Ltd of Shandong, China took note of the panic buying and and the increased interested in DIY firearms form consumers unable to purchase a gun or unable to afford the guns that were available to purchase. Wotech is advertising 80% forge AR-15 lower receivers for $50 a piece. The company says that is has the ability to supply 3000 tons of AR-15 lowers per year.

    wotech factory

    The Wotech Industrial Co. Factory


    Wotech Industrial Co. forged AR-15 80% lower receiver.

    Wotech Industrial Co. Receiver Partially Completed
    Wotech Industrial Co. Receiver Partially Completed

    The recievers Wotech is offering are forgings made with Aluminum 6063 and  Aluminum 7075. The minimum order is 100 pieces. They can offer additional machining if required by the customer (for a price). Delivery takes 4-5 weeks.

    This is all perfectly legal. An AR-15 lower is just a hunk of Aluminum with 80% of the work done needed to turn it into a real firearm. It significantly cuts down the time and equipment a home gun maker would need to make their own. It is possible (but not recommended) to finish an 80% receiver with nothing but a drill, ruler and a vice (a jig, drill press, calipers, diamond files and other common tool are recommended). You can read our series on making an AR-15 at home from scratch.

    TFB making an AR-15

    TFB writer Thomas Gomez completing an 80% AR-15 lower.

    If China starts exporting parts kits (stocks, trigger comments, gas system etc.) local US companies may be able to produce  very low cost budget AR-15 rifles by combining them with locally-finished Chinese receivers. At least one other company is producing AR-15 internals. Eastern-Star Precision Industrial Co.,Ltd. is marketing an AR-15 bolt assembly and bolt carrier …





    Maybe 2014 will be the year of the Chinese AR-15.

    Many thanks to Ian K Friedman, Esq. for information.

    Steve Johnson

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