Hevi-Duty Home Defense 12 Gauge Ammo

    Hevi-Duty ammo

    Environ-Metal, maker of Hevi-Shot, is now selling a 12 gauge shotshell product called Hevi-Duty.  The new line of ammo use a 2 3/4″ shell loaded with either 12 pellets of 00 buck or 30 pellets of #4 buckshot.  Muzzle velocity is measured at 1250 fps in both loads.

    The pellets are frangible, meaning they are designed to break into powder when they strike a hard surface such as concrete or steel.  When encountering flesh, the pellets are supposed to stay together and provide adequate penetration.

    Hevi-Duty plano

    The Hevi-Duty loads are “very low recoil” according to Environ-Metal.  When asked, a representative of Environ-Metal told me that the recoil is “slightly more than a trap load but considerably less than your standard 12 gauge buckshot load.”

    hevi-duty ammo

    The #4 buckshot loads are already for sale online for about $8-10/box of five shells.  I could not find the 00 buck for sale yet.  Environ-Metal will sell the ammunition in 100 shell dry boxes in addition to the normal five shell boxes.

    Richard Johnson

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