There Would Be A Rifle Behind Every Blade Of Grass

    The guys behind my favorite gun video of all time have produced another video with footage they collected over the past three years of training. I recommend watching it in either 720p or 1080p HD.

    From the video description …

    A group of like-minded shooters from various backgrounds (Civilian, Law Enforcement, Military) that share a passion for shooting.

    What we’re using:
    Aimpoint, Arc’teryx, ATS, Badger Ordnance, Battle Arms Development, Battle Comp, BCM, Benelli, Beretta, Blue Force Gear, Bobro, Centurion Arms, Colt, Crye Precision, Daniel Defense, Diamondback Tactical, Eagle Industries, EGL, Emdom, EOTech, ESS, ESSTAC, First Spear, Fortis, G-Code, Geissele, Glock, Haley Strategic, HK, HSGI, Insight Tech, ITS Tactical, IWC, Knights Armament, Lancer Systems, LaRue, Laser Devices, Leupold, LMT, Lowa, Magpul, Manners, Marz Tactcal, Mayflower, MSA, Nacre, Norotos, Noveske, Oakley, OffTheGrid, Ops-Core, Outdoor Research, Paraclete, Peltor, Phase 5, Premier Reticles, Princeton Tec, PWS, Remington, S&S Precision, S&W, Safariland, Samson, SKDTac, Smith Optics, SOTech, SureFire, Swarovski, Tactical Tailor, TAD Gear, TangoDown, Team Wendy, TAG, Trijicon, Troy, Tyr Tactical, Unity Tactical, Velocity Systems, Vertx, Viking Tactics, Vltor, Wilcox, Zulu Nylon

    Why the video?:
    To entertain, and hopefully motivate others to get out to the range. Owning firearms is our right as Americans, but that alone does you no good if you’re not competent.

    Why the title?:
    The complete quote (often mis-attributed to Admiral Yamamoto of the Imperial Japanese Navy) goes, “You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind every blade of grass.” Regardless of its origins; there is plenty of truth in the words.

    Filmed on:
    Canon 5DMKII and various Canon + Zeiss lenses
    GoPro HERO3

    The Prodigy – Invaders Must Die
    I do not own this song


    Steve Johnson

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