Kiwis With Truck Mounted Boys .55 Anti-Tank Rifle

    Yesterday I posted a photo of Jordanian Special Forces with truck-mounted Barrett anti-material rifles and in the comments a reader shared this photo of the The Long Range Desert Group operating a .55 caliber Boys Anti-Tank rifle mounted on a truck.

    The The Long Range Desert Group were a British Army unit made up by volunteers mostly from New Zealand. They specialized in long range operations behind enemy lines in North Africa and were able to  go thousands of miles into the desert without external support. Their trucks were stripped of any non-essentials and they favored two wheel drive rather than four wheel to save on weight. When the unit was initially formed, they had 11 lewis machine guns, four Boys anti-tank rifles and one Bofors 37mm anti-tank cannon mounted on their fleet. Later they would add .50 Vickers machine guns. Each vehicle had six to weight weapon mounts or which two or three would be utilized.

    The below photos of the LRDG are from Wikipedia





    Thanks to bbmg for the photo and information.

    Steve Johnson

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