Mag Tactical Systems Lightweight AR-15 Lowers

    I posted recently about a new polymer AR-15 80% lower from Polymer80, well during another one of my AR lower shopping sprees I stumbled upon another lightweight AR-15 lower from Mag Tech Systems. Their Generation 4 Mag Tactical Systems AR-15 lower is 35% lighter than aluminum lowers on the market at just 5.875 ounces. Mag Tactical System constructs them out of a proprietary magnesium alloy and also uses a proprietary coating process to protect their lowers from corrosion. It features an integral trigger guard with room for winter gloves, a reinforced front pivot pin, reinforced trigger and hammer pin axis points and also includes extended trigger and hammer pins. They’re available in both black and flat dark earth and retail for $250, they’re available at Brownells at $169.99 however. Sure they’re a bit pricey compared to other lowers on the market, but if you’re looking to shave off as much weight as possible for your AR build and are hesitant to go the polymer route, the Mag Tech Systems lower might be the ticket.



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