Jihawg Ammo: Pork Covered Ammunition Designed To Offend

    A group of Idahoans have gotten together to produce ammunition loaded with bullets dipped in pork-infused paint. Why you ask? They claim it will deter radical Islam terrorists from fighting if they run the risk of being hit in the stomach with a pork-paint tipped bullet, but most likely they did it because it is bound to offend Muslims (and maybe Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, Rastafarians, Ethiopian Orthodox Christians, Seventh-day Adventists and vegans as well).

    The concept of combining bullets with pork, and the offense it causes, is nothing new. The Indian Rebellion of 1857 was partly caused by the British issuing their Indian troops, who were predominately Hindu and Muslim, with cartridges that were rumored to be coated in pig and cow fat (cows are sacred to Hindus). To load their muskets they had to first bite into the paper cartridge, to remove the bullet, before pouring the powder into their gun.

    On their website Jihawg say …

    We at Jihawg Ammo hope you will stock up on Jihawg as a natural deterrent to the ever growing threat of radical Islam and Sharia Law. We, however, stress that the nullifying principle of our product is only effective if you are attacked by an Islamist in Jihad. Otherwise, our ammo functions just like any other ammunition so we obviously insist upon defensive use of our ammo only-not offensive.

    This is blatantly false. Muslims are permitted to eat pork if it is strictly necessary for survival, or if it is forced upon them. It explicitly states this in the Quran 2:173 “… whoever is forced [by necessity], neither desiring [it] nor transgressing [its limit], there is no sin upon him …”.

    Apart from this pork-paint being absolutely useless, it also raises legal questions. If you defend yourself with a pistol, the last thing you need or want is a prosecutor holding up a pork covered bullet in court and telling the jury that the person shot was a Muslim …

    If you want to defend yourself, buy the most effective ammunition possible. Don’t buy crap covered in pork. As a community, we are better than this.

    Steve Johnson

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