What Chinese Private Military Contractors Carry

    These photos are were purportedly taken by a Chinese Private Military Contractor of other Chinese PMCs protecting Chinese interests in Burma. Chinese businesses own a lot of farm land and many quarries on the Burmese side of the border which are used to fuel the Western Chinese economy.

    The guns are interesting and not the usual rusted Soviet-era AKs or Type-56 rifles you would expect. This PMC is armed with a Beretta 92 (or a clone), a Norinco CQ (M4-style AR-14) and a Ruger P89 (or a clone).

    chinese pmc

    Beretta 92 Clone, Norinco CQ Rifle.


    Ruger P89 (Or clone). Can Anyone Identify the book?





    Unknown single shot shotgun.


    Many thanks to Xiao for the photos.

    Steve Johnson

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