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Guns of the Tatmadaw: Burmese/Myanmar Small Arms Development

The Myanmar Military (“Tatmadaw” in Burmese) is one of the only Southeast Asian nations that manufactures the majority of its small arms and light weapons (up to 120mm mortars) and has been doing so since the early 1950s in collaboration with a number of foreign allies. The majority of [Read More…]

The Boys (Anti-Tank Rifle) is Back in Town! Burmese Anti-Materiel Rifle Development

Images appearing on Burmese media networks have revealed that the Burmese state-run Defense Industries corporation has prototyped at least three different anti-materiel rifles (AMR), putting at least on of them into production and getting them into Tatmadaw service. [Read More…]

Gun Control in Burma

An interesting although unsurprising article about gun law in Burma (Myanmar): A 1951 law bans possession of automatic weapons, grenades, and explosives with the intent to commit high treason. A rather narrowly-tailored law, at first glance. However, the law states that [Read More…]