New Walther Pistols

    Walther demonstrated three new handguns at SHOT this year. The improved PPQ M2, the PPX, and the PPK/S .22LR.

    The PPK/S 22 will be offered in black or stainless [shown above]. This firearm is simply a .22LR version of the well-known PPK/S .380 Auto – sharing the same approximate weight and grip. The trigger is 6.6 lbs in single-action compared to the 6.1 of the PPK currently in their catalog. The double-action is a brain artery-busting 17.5 lbs.


    The PPX is their more economically priced duty pistol. Unlike their other polymer handguns they’ve returned to a push button magazine release. The slide is coated in TeniferĀ© and has front and rear serrations. There is a loaded chamber indicator and ambidextrous slide stop levers. The PPX has a bobbed hammer to reduce snag and uses a “pre-cocked” system reminiscent in feel to the H&K LEM trigger. My hands were so numb in the cold wind I can’t give much more account than that.

    Dimensionally the PPX is 7.3″ in length, 0.1″ longer than the PPQ and P99 (9mm models). The width remains the same at 1.3″ but the height is 0.3″ larger at 5.6 inches for the PPX. The barrel distance to the shooting hand is 1.3″ compared to the aforementioned models at 1″.

    The good news is the PPX gains 0.2″ in sight radius at 6.3″ and comparatively contains one extra round with a 16+1 standard capacity. The bad news is a 6.5 lb trigger over the 5.6 lbs of the PPQ. I was told the exact price hasn’t been confirmed but should carry an MSRP of $400 to $450.

    Ethan M

    Ethan’s firearm interests are mostly with Cold War era select-fire weapons and their semi-auto counterparts.