Magtech Ammunition – New for 2013

    Brazilian ammo maker Magtech Ammunition has a few new products that will debut in the coming year.  Among them are lines of duty ammunition for law enforcement.

    The exact details have not yet been released, but there will be two new lines aimed at the police market.  The first will be a line of sniper ammo.  Presumably, this ammunition will focus on the most common law enforcement sniper rifle round used in the United States:  the .308 Winchester.

    Magtech logo

    It has long been an article of faith that the best precision rifle bullet in .308 for law enforcement has been the Sierra 168 grain Match King boat tail hollow point (BTHP).  For many police departments, the preferred load has been the Federal Gold Medal.  Another popular choice has been the Remington Premier Match that uses the same Sierra bullet.

    It will be interesting to see what Magtech Ammunition has developed to go up against these two highly regarded loads.  Also, I would expect to see other calibers in the sniper line, such as a .223 Remington round, .300 Win Mag and maybe even a .338 Lapua.

    The second new line from Magtech will be a line of bonded ammo.  Again, there isn’t much information on this new line, but many law enforcement agencies moved to bonded ammo ten years or more ago.

    Bonded ammunition reduces the likelihood of jacket separation and generally improves bullet performance in the FBI testing protocols.  So, many police departments will not consider a bullet that is not bonded.

    Richard Johnson

    An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is