George Luger’s Secret Rifle

    A reader email in a scan, from an auction catalog (I think), of a rifle said to be made by George Luger. Apparently Mr. Luger was working in secret on a rifle version of his famous pistol. The description mentioned a German patent No. 4126 of 1906. Does anyone know how to locate this patent? Either I was unable to work the German patent website, or their online archive does not go back as far as 1906.

    The magic of The Firearm Blog is that if you ask, you shall receive 🙂 JonMac located the patent on the German government patent website, but it appears the patent was filed in the UK. I downloaded the individual pages and uploaded it to scribd. You can download it form scribd, or read it below.

    If the action worked (safely), it would have been a very compact full-powered semi-auto. With a forward mounted long-eye relief scope, the toggle action would not get in the way. I would love to try a rifle with this type of action.

    [ Many thanks to Liam for emailing us the link. ]

    Steve Johnson

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