Hunting with a Glock

    This video by OutdoorAdventures demonstrates using Glock pistols for hunting medium-sized game. They are using extended barrels, and I presume the Glocks are loaded with 10mm Auto. (Animals are being shot in the video)

    I am not an advocate of hunting with pistols. I don’t believe that 99% of handgun owners can shoot well enough to be hunting with them. Anyone who starts hunting with a pistol should start by using a higher-powered pistol chambered in something like .44 Magnum, .454 Casull or .500 S&W and only move onto lighter cartridges, such as the 10mm Auto and .357 Magnum, when proficient enough to ensure a clean kill.

    UPDATE: Clarified by comments on handgun hunting. For the record, I am not against it, but just like I also don’t think 99.999% of rifle owners should hunt dear with .22 LR (but I know a couple who can).

    UDPATE: Steve on Handguns.

    [Hat Tip: Caleb @ Gun Nuts]

    Steve Johnson

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