Strike Industries SlingCatch

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson
Strike Industries SlingCatch

Strike Industries will soon be selling a nifty gadget called the SlingCatch. It attaches to a pack or armor and keeps a rifle or shotgun sling from biting into your neck. SI told me they have not yet finalized the MSRP.

Strike Industries SlingCatch

The Tactical SlingCatch has been designed with the input of Special Force Group operators to eliminate a problem that nearly ALL weapon slings share. This is the chaffing of the neck from the webbing material use in their construction. While some maybe less abrasive than others, such as tubular webbing and softer material than thicker canvas materials, all will cause irritation and chaffing over a short period of time. This known issue is magnified when wearing any sort of body armor or outer tactical vest (OTV).

The Tactical SlingCatch addresses the issue by keeping the webbing material away from the operators neck. It is attached and secured to the shoulder pad/strap of the vest by means of a heavy duty Velcro strap. The low profile design allows quick don and doff of the weapon sling while being virtually snag free when moving through heavy brush.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • 18D 18D on Dec 08, 2011

    This is the kind of idea that makes sense for about a second, until you realize all the drawbacks. The thinking behind this type of accessory is really one of the problems with military training and mindset. Products that save us time or effort are great. This product is neither. I'm sure there are applications outside of duty use and combat for this product, and I think that those are the types of activities this item would be useful for.

    For the soldier or LEO, this thing would cause a hell of an issue trying to switch shoulders. As we've seen in the past, the ability to switch shoulders is an important ability to have. The other problem I see is exactly what this thing was aimed to do. Getting a little irritation on the side of my neck is of no concern to me when I'm in combat. If a sling rubbing on your neck is a big problem for you, then maybe combat or LEO work is not for you. Again, mindset! If you want the sling off your neck during patrol or barricade duties, then just place it on your shoulder. The sling will stay there as long as you're not running the gun. If you start running the gun, then you have a lot more to worry about than your neck getting scraped up by the sling. Mindset!

    I don't want a huge snagging hazard attached to my shoulder. Again, this thing would be great for a hunter, or maybe some other non fighting use. That's great. But, this product is a fail for serious duty use!

    • John Doe John Doe on Dec 09, 2011

      @18D I was thinking the exact same thing. But I'd really appreciate this for hunting, since I often tighten my sling a lot to steady my rifle. I've actually gotten the equivalent of rug burn on my shoulder from my sling.

  • SL SL on Dec 08, 2011

    Guys, Just let you know Mr. Miles from team 3 built up this Sling Catch based on his battle experience. He will do demonstration very soon. :)