Turn a HK-33 into a StG 44

    Prexis are manufacturing a conversion kit to convert a H&K HK-33 rifle into a StG 44-esque clone, chambered in the original 8mm “Kurz” (7.92x33mm) cartridge.

    The $560 kit provides barrel, front-sight, charging handle, handguard, bolt head and instructions for modifying the bolt carrier and HK-33 magazines. To put the kit together a HK33 flat1 receiver ($150 – $200), HK33 parts kit ($300 – $400) and AK rear sight & block ($30 – $40) are required. This puts the total cost of the build in the $1000 – $1150 range. Not cheap.

    A cheaper option for gun nuts craving the famous StG-44 will be the .22 LR ATI StG 44 rifle, although the rifle is not yet on sale.

    [Hat Tip: Casatic]

    1. A flat receiver is literally a receiver that is flat, in other words, one that is not yet stamped. 

    Steve Johnson

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