Benelli High Technology – Computer Modeling and High Speed Video

    An example of how the latest in technology has found its way into the firearm industry is Benelli’s design bureau. The engineers there utilize various CAD software programs, as well as a high speed camera capable of taking 1 million frames per second, to design, test, and analyze their weapons. One of the more interesting things we saw at Benelli was what you’re about to see in this video: high speed camera footage alongside a computer model in motion.

    Some of this same technology is in use by automotive racing teams at the highest levels of competition, to squeeze every bit of performance out of their cars. Benelli’s goals are similar, and the knowledge derived from the use of this technology is part of the reason why their shotguns command high prices.

    Benelli High Technology
    Andrew Tuohy

    Andrew Tuohy was a Navy Corpsman with the 5th Marine Regiment. He makes a living by producing written and visual content within the firearm industry, and he also teaches carbine courses. He prefers elegant weapons for a more civilized age, and regularly posts at Vuurwapen Blog.