KRISS Vector .45 caliber submachine & other guns

    As I mentioned previously, the KRISS booth was pretty impressive. They had lots of Sphinx pistols on display, as well as Defiance suppressors and pistol sights. Last but not least, they also had the KRISS Vector .45 caliber submachine gun. Before I continue, let me say that they do not refer to it as the “Super V” and do not like it to be referred to as such. Calling it the Super V almost cost me some free Swiss chocolate!

    They’re coming out with 9mm and .40 S&W versions of the Vector “soon.” I think these might be better sellers than the .45, for various reasons. Civilian shooters will probably like the lower cost of shooting 9mm, while LE agencies might be more interested in an SMG that takes the same magazines as the prolific Glock 22 in .40 S&W.

    I’m not sold on the general or wide use of SMGs when rifle caliber weapons are often the same size, but I do see definite niche applications for weapons like the Vector and its derivatives. I commented to Christophe that the pistol version of the Vector could probably be shot very effectively with the weapon slung “Euro style.”

    Also, KRISS had their new prototype SMG on display, which featured a number of changes and improvements over the Vector. It’s featured towards the end of this video.

    KRISS Product Overview
    KRISS’s new prototype SMG. Photo taken at SHOT Show. © Bryan Jones
    Andrew Tuohy

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