Mossberg Blackwater branded shotguns

    Of all the weird guns at SHOT Show, none left me more puzzled than Mossberg’s new range of Blackwater branded shotguns.

    It puzzles me because the Blackwater name has long since ceased to exist. In 2009, amidst multiple legal battles, the company renamed themselves as Xe Services. The name Blackwater is now an archaism harking back to the golden age of security contractors.

    The name must still move guns off shelves or Mossberg would not be using it. I am not one of Backwater’s detractors, but still I cannot figure out why Mossberg would want to associate themselves with such a publicly tainted brand name – so tainted that it has been long since abandoned by Blackwater itself.

    Blackwater Mossberg 590A1. Review at / Photo from
    Blackwater Mossberg 590A1
    Blackwater Mossberg 500 Cruiser

    Mossberg has not released pricing for the Blackwater shotguns.

    Steve Johnson

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