PCP polymer cased ammunition

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

PCP Ammunition will be selling a line of polymer cased ammunition in early 2011. They claim to have fixed the issues that have plagued polymer ammo in the past (case head separation, melting in the chamber). They are offering it in 5.56 NATO, 6.8 SPC, 7.62mm NATO, .338 Lapua Magnum and .50 BMG.

© Gregory Markle
© Gregory Markle

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Sam Suggs Sam Suggs on Feb 11, 2013

    what if you inserted taut peices of wire in a peice of polymer like pre stressed concreate

  • ANON ANON on Nov 29, 2013

    You might be
    able to use Melonite coated barrels and graphene coated (ink or paint) polymer
    cartridge cases to prevent rounds from cooking off when rifles are firing at
    full auto. The M16/M4 service rifle firing over 140 rounds on full auto will
    result in ammo cooking off and firing 4 magazines on full auto will destroy the
    barrel. Hence, ARDEC is developing a Cobalt Barrel; however, your polymer formula
    should include graphene to make it stronger then graphene ink/paint to make
    rounds more heat resistant and if one blued the barrel with a graphene bluing
    and/or Ferritic nitrocarburizing process for the graphene diamond dust
    composition it would serve as an heat sink to protect the barrel and ammo from
    damage and cooking off.