Vickers Tactical Training Carbine Videos

    Daniel Defense and Vickers Tactical have teamed up to produce a set of training videos. The first in the series is Carbine I and Carbine II. Each costs $40 for the DVD or $50 for the Blu-ray.

    These videos are sure to draw comparisons with the Magpul Dynamics videos. I have not seen these yet but I am sure they do things slightly differently than Magpul does and that you will most likely benefit from these even if you already own the Magpul videos.

    Carbine I Video Features

    * Introduction
    * Carbine Selection & Setup
    * Basic Manipulation
    * Zeroing: Shot Groups
    * Shooting Positions
    * Reloads
    * Maintenance & Lubrication

    Carbine II Video Features

    * Introduction
    * Malfunctions
    * Turns
    * Switching Shoulders
    * Barricades & Use of Cover
    * Transitions
    * Shooting on the Move

    They can be purchased here.

    Steve Johnson

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