Can you identify this revolver?

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

A reader emailed me these photos of a revolver which belonged to his Grandfather during WWI. It looks to me like a fancy Webley. Does anyone know what model gun it is and who made it?

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Topper Topper on Jan 19, 2013

    Andrews Fryberg made millions of these, literally, they were a cheap pocket gun. Sold for six dollars new. I have my Grandfathers that he bought new, cylander is to sloppy to ever shoot but has sentimental value. These were made around 1903.

    • JamesFrmSC JamesFrmSC on Aug 26, 2013

      @Topper Topper, 10-4 my Great Grandfather in 1903 was a Doctor in Covington, KY and had a circuit he did throughout the area, There were hiwaymen and so he carried it with him. When he passed on, he gave it to my Grandfather who gave it to my mother and now I have it. I have the Pat Aug 4,1903 3" .32 with the exact same scrolling pattern as in this picture. Nice to know its history . Thanks.... JB

  • John doe John doe on Oct 12, 2014

    I just got one of these its missing a lot of parts its aug4 pat however the manufacturers name is spelled wrong on mine anyone know if this is a common problem? Or if this makes mine rarer