Wiselite Arms Sterling SMG-styled pistol

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Michael spotted a company manufacturing semi-auto Sterling SMG-styled pistols! Wiseland Lite is selling them for $450. They are available chambered in 7.62x25mm or 9mm.

7.62x25mm model
9mm model

UPDATE: It was pointed out in the comments that Wiseland Lite require you to supply a Sterling kit.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Bisnaut Bisnaut on Mar 05, 2010

    Anyone ever notice that this is the same weapon as the E-11 Storm Trooper Blaster from Star Wars?

  • Corey Hayes Corey Hayes on Jul 05, 2011

    I purchased the wiselite stirling 3 weeks ago.I heard alot of negative comments about it so I will tell you what I experienced.The first was that some guys were hitting 12 inches low at 50 yards.Well all I can say is you can't shoot!!! At 50 yards I kept a 4 inch grouping,at 30 years 2 inch grouping,at 100 4 to 6 inch grouping.The other was a jamming issue.Right out of the box I put 100 rounds through it not one jam.I fired winchester plinker ammo.This gun is deadly accurate!!!! It has very little kickback unless you fire really fast it will climb a little.I plan on buying a second just to hold onto for the future.I paid 500 with tax for it and am really happy with mine.It is a great weapon.I let a buddy of mine shoot it he was so impressed he ordered one the next week.