New FNAR with 16″ barrel

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

The FN’s FNAR rifle will be available next year in a 16″ barreled model.

I love the clean lines on the rifle. Anyone who has read the blog for even a short period of time will know my love of short barreled rifles 🙂

Introduced last year, the FNAR is a military style rifle based on the Browning BAR. Unlike the BAR, the FNAR features a pistol grip, detachable box magazines and plenty of picatinny rails.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Warren Warren on Sep 12, 2010

    I totally love mine. I own one, glad I purchased it. The rifle just fits up nice and is well balanced. Not a 24" barrel, front heavy, knock your shoulder off, bolt action, deer rifle! Not that I dont absolutely love the Remington 700's they are great too! The FN is all about fit, comfort, and function for the shooter. Not for winning the miss america pageant. The FN is a tactical platform and is only going to draw interest from law enforcement, target punchers, and folks that believe the end of the world is near. Not that it wouldn't serve its purpose as a hunting rifle because I'm quite sure someone has already done it! 2 drawbacks to the FN. First is extra magazines are expensive. Second, the thing is loud. I mean darn near shakes the ground under your feet. At least my 16" barrel does! Absolutely turns peoples heads toward me at the gun range. Other than that it functions, it has accuracy, it delivers rounds where you want them. I have nothing bad to say about my FNAR.

  • Blane Blane on Jan 26, 2011

    Lose the pistol grip and I will buy one in 16". Too para military for deer camp. It would make a very nice deer rifle for multiple targets.