Wooden AR-15 stock patented!

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Last month a Californian resident was granted a patent application for a wooden hunting style stock for the “M-16/AR-15”.

Photo from the patent

Of course as you can see in the photo the rifle is not a AR-15/M16 as the patent claims. It has a forward recoil system and only the Para USA Tactical Target Rifle (previously know as the ZM LR300) has such a system.

I cannot see how this is an original invention. All he has patented is a standard rifle stock replaces the the pistol grip. The patent system is severely messed up.

Still, I must say I like his laminated stock and handguard in the above photo. I think it looks pretty nifty.

Thanks to the ever vigilant Daniel Watters for sending me the patent info.

UPDATE: It is a patent application, not a patent, and I have been told it was not allowed.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Dave K Dave K on Jul 10, 2009

    The USPTO doesn't check this stuff, they only search their own system and then issue, if it goes to court it will be shot down. It's only meant to scare people into not doing it.

  • Bosko Bosko on Jun 21, 2012

    That's one UGLY critter.

    If one of those fellows who shoots 3000 rounds per month uses it, the spring over the barrel doesn't last long from the heat, unless it's a very expensive metal.