Wooden AR-15 stock patented!

    Last month a Californian resident was granted a patent application for a wooden hunting style stock for the “M-16/AR-15”.

    Picture 1-16
    Photo from the patent

    Of course as you can see in the photo the rifle is not a AR-15/M16 as the patent claims. It has a forward recoil system and only the Para USA Tactical Target Rifle (previously know as the ZM LR300) has such a system.

    I cannot see how this is an original invention. All he has patented is a standard rifle stock replaces the the pistol grip. The patent system is severely messed up.

    Still, I must say I like his laminated stock and handguard in the above photo. I think it looks pretty nifty.

    Thanks to the ever vigilant Daniel Watters for sending me the patent info.

    UPDATE: It is a patent application, not a patent, and I have been told it was not allowed.

    Steve Johnson

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