Para Ordnance Tactical Target Rifle internals

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Olav @ Firearms and Training has taken photos of the internals of his Z-M Weapons LR300 (now manufactured by Para Ordnance as the Tactical Target Rifle) and explained how it works.

Bolt Carrier Group

This shows a close up of the bolt carrier group. The gas key is staked. Notice the extra vents for gas to escape from, his allows the gun to run cooler since a lot of the gas and crud vents out of the gun. Also notice it’s missing the portion of the bolt carrier that sits against the buffer which saves on weight. This also means less recoiling mass.

Read the article here. I highly recommend it.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Olav Olav on Feb 06, 2009

    The LR300 has been around for about 20 years. It's just getting a lot of attention now.

    This is the current iteration of the gun.

    The cost is high mainly because of the folding stock which, by itself is $340.00. I got the fixed stock for about $100.00 and Ace stocks sells theirs for less than the LR300 folding stock.

    If you get just the upper then the price is in line with the Noveske's and such. Just put your own lower on it and your good to go. I just bought the upper and put the rest together myself.

  • Josh Josh on Dec 22, 2009

    Until Para offers the capablility to attach a bayonet and prevents ANY gas from getting inside the upper receiver I will stick with the Sig 556.