Sarsilmaz P6: A New Bernardelli .25 Vest Pocket clone

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

At the IDEF ’09 arms show, Turkish pistol and shotgun maker Sarsilmaz had the P6 pistol on display. I was quite surprised to see what I though was the Baby Browning. It is in fact a direct copy of the .25 ACP (6.3mm) Bernardelli (VB) Vest Pocket .25.

Photos of the Sarsilmaz P6:

The dimensions and weight of the P6 appears near identical to the original design. The slide on the P6 appears to have a larger ejection port. Original Bernardelli Vest Pocket photos (by huggiebear @

The pistol is not a great option for self defense. It’s .25 ACP cartridge is very low powered, about the same or worse than a .22 Long Rifle!

UPDATE: I originally posted that the pistol was a copy of the Browning Baby, which looks very similar to the Bernardelli vest pocket. Thanks to George, a collector of .25 pistols, for the correction.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • DAMIANO DAMIANO on Jul 27, 2011

    Dear reader to point out that my article was published on the charge of the dossier, 6.35 Browning Arms and Ammunition in January 2011, page 184. This article has been treated with various combinations of components currently available on the Italian market. As you know the Winchester 231 at the moment it is not distributed unless the case of inventory, for this reason has not been treated. Years ago I did some testing in the 6.35 barrel gauge Browning 231 Winchester with powder, ball Fiocchi FMJ-RN 50 gn, COL 22.80 mm, trigger CCI500, reporting data collected below ii: Win 231 grain dose 1.2 , V0 201 m / sec, and 6.6 kgm, P 889 bar; 1.4 Win 231 grain doses, V0 224 m / sec, and 8.4 kgm, P 1200 bar (maximum pressure allowed); Win 231 dose 1 , grains 6, V0 271 m / sec, and 12 kgm, P 1600 Bar Warning this dose as well as the P max should not be used completely, it is dangerous!

    having said that we reiterate that the 6.35-caliber Browning is a small but not to be underestimated because the pressure rose very quickly to changing a single component and also depending on the mode of loading such as a stronger crimp the ball or a trigger slightly more powerful. Therefore we recommend to stay in the range of doses from 1.2 to 1.4 grains of Winchester 231 max. We take this opportunity to compimentarci however, with the player for the beautiful pair of pistols Bernardelli Mod. 68, stressing that it would be a shame to damage them with exaggerated positions.

  • Semiami Semiami on Jul 31, 2011

    Hello Firearmblog followers Sarsilmaz P6 is not copy of Bernardelli .
    Sarsilmaz & Bernardelli OWN BY THE SAME FAMILY !


    semiamion 28 Mar 2011 at 9:34 am link comment
    Dear firearmbloggers ,
    As far as I know Sarsilmaz Firearms Inc. & Vincenzo Bernardelli are sister companies , quite soon Bernardelli products will be available in USA market . I heard from very reliable source they are about to open up their own company possibly manufacturing as well as importing in will be the possibly first one to let us know when the LEGEND IS BACK . keep it tune … check out the web site below (piece of art engravings)
    Once it is available in U.S. I will definitly buy one of P6 to my wife as valentines gift .
    By the way In my opinion Sarsilmaz (SAR ARMS) is one of the best kept secrets in the world! Their state of the art small arms plant rivals manufacturing facility around the world. The quality that goes into each SAR ARMS firearm is un-rivaled. You can pay for a more famous name, but it will be hard to find a better product. Did you know that Turkey has the second largest Army in NATO? They carry SAR ARMS…
    check out