Sarsilmaz P6: A New Bernardelli .25 Vest Pocket clone

    At the IDEF ’09 arms show, Turkish pistol and shotgun maker Sarsilmaz had the P6 pistol on display. I was quite surprised to see what I though was the Baby Browning. It is in fact a direct copy of the .25 ACP (6.3mm) Bernardelli (VB) Vest Pocket .25.

    Photos of the Sarsilmaz P6:

    Picture 34-2

    Picture 35-2

    The dimensions and weight of the P6 appears near identical to the original design. The slide on the P6 appears to have a larger ejection port. Original Bernardelli Vest Pocket photos (by huggiebear @

    Picture 37-1
    20051114144047 Dsc02392

    The pistol is not a great option for self defense. It’s .25 ACP cartridge is very low powered, about the same or worse than a .22 Long Rifle!

    UPDATE: I originally posted that the pistol was a copy of the Browning Baby, which looks very similar to the Bernardelli vest pocket. Thanks to George, a collector of .25 pistols, for the correction.

    Steve Johnson

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