Laser gun from the 60's

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

Can any of you remember a time in your life where laser guns were not just a few years away? Sven found a photo that was published in a German military journal from 1964.

Very rifle like. Click to expand.

The caption:

“The laser rifle…that was developed by an American company and now presented for the first time is lighter than an infantry rifle. 10 kg baggage in form of batteries make it possible to shoot 10,000 times. The effect in the target is quite small. Only if the enemy coincidentally looks into the muzzle of the laser rifle he’ll have serious eye damage even at a distance of 1.5 km as a result of the strong dazzling. Fire effects are at such distances not possible yet, and it’s still a long way to the “death rays”. “

Sven pointed out that the first laser guided bombs were developed only a few years later. These bombs were guided by a laser mounted in the back seat canopy of an F-4 cockpit and manually operated by the Weapons System Operator. The laser used was probably very similar to the one use in the above photo.

Thanks to Sven, who blogs at Defense and Freedom, for the scan and translation.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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