S&H 2 Bore compared to 9mm

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

I have blogged about the S&H 2 Bore cartridge before. The problem is visualizing such a massive cartridge with no reference. I asked Jay at Schroeder & Hetzendorfer if he could take a photo featuring a 2 bore and a common cartridge and he kindly obliged.

9mm Parabellum vs. S&H 2-Bore. Click to expand the image.

9mm rifle cartridges are considered big bore, for example the .375 H&H*, yet the the caliber looks minuscule compared to the mighty 33mm (1.326″) caliber 2-Bore!

Individually the S&H 2-Bore Blackpowder Express cartridge cases sell for $49.50 each.

For more information and ordering visit Schroeder & Hetzendorfer.

A big thanks to Jay for the photo.
* Technically the .375 Holland & Holland Magnum uses a 9.5mm bullet.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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