New Remington Lead Free Ammo: Disintegrator Varmint and Copper-Solid

    Remington have released two types of lead free ammo. The first is the Disintegrator Varmint in .223 Rem and .22-250 Rem., both with 45 grain bullets. Disintegrating ammo is normally lead free so that in itself is no special. It is a pity they have confined their offering to two calibers (and not 6mm for me 🙁 )

    Now you see him. Now you don’t. Introducing new Disintegrator® Varmint. Loaded with new lead-free frangible bullets that meet the requirements of non-toxic hunting areas, this ammunition delivers radical, explosive expansion that shatters the capabilities of conventional lead core/copper jacketed bullets. Because they break into tiny fragments at impact, Disintegrator Varmint bullets will not ricochet, offering added peace of mind wherever you shoot. Extremely tight manufacturing tolerances combined with our industry-leading components produce tiny groups on paper as well.

    Rem Dis Varmint

    The second lead free ammo is the Remington Premier Copper Solid. Because copper is lighter than lead the bullet has to be longer to hold the same weight, this results in a very high ballistic co-efficient, which in turns produces good long ranger performance. The downside is that copper is much harder than lead so the bullet will give the barrel a very hard time. It will be available in 30-06, .270 Win, .243 Win, 300 Win Mag, 7mm Rem Mag and 308 Win.

    For 2009, Big Green is proud to launch a truly superior bullet design onto the lead-free scene. While our new Copper Solid™ complies with non-toxic regulations, it dispatches big game with lightning authority in any neck of the woods. It delivers extremely deep penetration with nearly 100% weight retention and has a sleek ogive profile with a polymer tip and boat tail base that gives it outstanding flight characteristics. In fact, it’s one of the finest extended-range lead-free hunting bullets we’ve ever offered due to its extremely high ballistic coefficient. At impact, the polymer tip acts as a wedge, plowing through a built-in expansion chamber and initiating a mushroom that’s consistently 1.8x bullet diameter – creating a large terminal wound channel from close range to the farthest reaches of your shooting ability.

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    Steve Johnson

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