Winchester announces lead free .22LR and .22 Magnum and .223

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

It is lead free day here at The Firearm Blog*, this being the second lead-free ammo post!

Winchester has announced a new line of lead-free ammunition.

CCI currently manufactures lead free .22 Magnum called TNT GREEN but as far as I know Winchester are the first US manufacturer to announce lead free .22 LR. It is rumored that more companies will unveil their lead free rimfire at SHOT 2009.

The new Winchester SUPER-X .22 Long Rifle will propel a 30 grain THP (tin hollow point) at 1650 fps. This is a hot “hyper velocity” load which generates 181 foot pounds of energy, only slightly less powerful that the CCI Stinger at the muzzle.

It is likely that the case will be extended in length, like the CCI Stringer. The extended case can prevent the round from chambering in some rifles.

CCI Stinger length compared to standard .22LR (Wikipedia)

The new SUPER-X .22 Win. Mag (.22 Magnum / .22 WMR) pushes a 28 grain JHP at 2200 fps. The under 30 grain bullet means it will won’t perform as well as standard .22 Magnum 30 grain rounds.

SUPER-X .223 Rem lead-free pushes a 55 grain bullet at 3030 fps. Like the .22 Magnum, there is a significant performance hit. The round is being marketed as varmint cartridge..

This new range should be available in Spring 2009.

* That was a joke. I bought 100 rounds of “toxic” ammo today.

Hat Tip: Shooting Wire.

Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • One_Jackal One_Jackal on Jan 12, 2014

    Lead is inert. Lead can't leach into groundwater. I grow hay that is fed to some very expensive animals. I also shoot a lot in the fields. I have the soil tested every two years by the USDA. The level of lead in the soil is never above what would naturally be in the soil. Every time a horse dies that was insured it's feed and hay are tested. My hay has been tested dozens of times over the years, no lead has ever been found in my hay.

    Most shooting ranges have piles of dirt behind the targets. If the shooting range was to be used for another purpose the piles of dirt can be screened with common equipment used to screen topsoil. The lead that is removed can be recycled. I have piles of dirt on my property that I shoot into. Most of the bullets from high velocity rifles only go six inches deep. Pistol bullets only go a couple inches, even 357 mag bullets. I retrieve as many bullets as I can, not for safeties sake but curiousity.

    People claim that buzzards and other scavengers are eating lead bullets. All modern hunting rifle bullets go through the animal. Even birdshot fired from shotguns goes through small game. Exactly how are scavengers eating lead bullets? If lead is found in scavengers it is from another source. Hunters are a convenient .scapegoat.

    One thing that is shot in this thread is a bunch of bull.

  • Strunberg Strunberg on Feb 03, 2014

    I want rimless 22lr,and rimless 12gauge to be a thing,for modern day guns,more than lead-free ammo.

    Companies ought to put their competition aside for a moment,and try and create standardized ammo like that...

    HK had rimless 12gauge called CAWS,but it didn't take off.
    But now with how popular semi-autos are...

    Something on the lines of rimless 22lr existed,but it was centerfire.
    If we had rimless 12gauge and 22lr,it would solve feeding issues.

    Who want's double stacked 10/22,and pistol mags?

    Who want's no more awkwardly long saiga & ar-15 mags ?

    comment photo