New Super Match grade .22 LR from Fiocchi

    Fiocchi have announced new Super Match ammunition called Exacta Biathlon Match.

    What makes it interesting is that it is Standard Velocity (1,120 fps) which is unlike most match grade target .22LR ammunition which are usually Subsonic.

    No surprises … looks like a .22 LR round

    From the press release:

    Fiocchi begins with an exclusive case priming procedure that ensures precise priming mixture weight. Next, only premium, ultra-reliable powders are selected. Precise care is given to ensuring the cases used are of exact and consistent dimension. Finally, the specially-lubricated bullets are loaded using a unique process that prevents the bullets from touching one another during processing to prevent even the slightest deformation from occurring.

    Hat Tip: Tactical Life

    Steve Johnson

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