MAG 08 pistol

    The other new Polish pistol at MSPO 2008 is the 9mm MAG 08. It is a redesign of the MAG 98 which itself was a redesign of the MAG 95. It looks nice, but I do remember reading complaints about the previous generation MAG pistols somewhere.

    The original (from the manufacturers website)

     Specjalna Mag98
    MAG 98C

    The new pistol

     Mag-08-500Px 01

     Mag-08-500Px 02

    From what I can make out the frame is made from aluminum and it takes 15 round and 18 round magazines.

    More here (google translation)

    I have done my best to find accurate information about this firearm on the Polish MSPO 2008 website. I do not speak or read Polish so I had to rely on Google Translate. If I got something wrong, please correct me in the comments.

    Steve Johnson

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