TFB Review: Savior Equipment Storage Solutions – Mag Buddy, Pistol Rack and Covert Case

    We have seen some of Savior Equipment’s wares here on The Firearm Blog. Savior was gracious enough to send some of their latest storage solutions for us to review. One of them is definitely in their wheelhouse, it is their Specialist Covert case. Then there are their Mag Buddy magazine storage and organization mag pouches. Then there is their Pistol Rack for transporting and storing pistols.

    Savior Equipment @ TFB:

    Specialist Covert Single Firearm Case/Backpack


    • Specialist Front Panel
    • Padded Single Rifle Compartment
      • Rigid Hook & Loop Lockdown Straps
      • Adjustable Muzzle Holder
    • Hook & Loop LCM Panel for Custom Configuration
    • Full Length Removable Padded Divider
    • Exterior Accessory Pockets
      • With Admin & Mesh Zippered Pockets
    • Concealed Pocket
      • With Loop Panel For Holster
    • Lays Completely Flat When Opened
    • Hideable Padded Backpack Straps

    The first of many new Savior Equipment storage solutions is their Specialist Covert single firearm case. It is more of a backpack than a rifle/firearm case. For full disclosure, Savior had originally sent me their 30″ case. However I immediately had some sizing issues. The case in the photo above is their 34″ case. Below is their 30″ covert case.

    The first gun I grabbed was my 12.5″ Wolf A1/T91 pistol. Sadly it is a tad too long even with the brace collapsed. Ok let’s go shorter.

    18″ upper is a tad too long too even when separated from the lower.

    If I use the barrel pocket, my X95 Tavor will not fit.

    As you can see the X95 just barely fits.

    The 30″ Covert case provides storage solutions for smaller and shorter barreled firearms. It fits my HK SP5 just fine and my HK 416 pistol, even though the barrel is 10.4″, it just barely fits with the SBA4 brace.

    I mentioned this to Savior Equipment and they said this bag was designed for really short firearms. So they sent me a 34″ covert case and it worked out much better. Both the 30″ and 34″ Specialist Covert cases share the same features.

    Below I have a Genesis Arms Gen-12 lower with a .308 Saint upper. While you did not see it in the photos earlier, the Covert cases come with a padded divider that is flocked for attaching morale patches. The main firearm compartment has Molle loops to secure the firearm with hook and loop straps. There is a muzzle holder that is adjustable. It attaches to the rows of Molle.

    The padded divider is held in place with two snap buckles.

    Flip the padded divider over and you have a whole panel of loop velcro with molle slots. You can actually carry two firearms, one on either side. Below I have the 12 gauge upper receiver of the Genesis Arms Gen-12.

    The front pocket is rather large and has rows of molle as well as two zippered pockets in the flap.

    Behind the front pocket is a hidden pocket for conceal carrying a pistol.

    The CCW pocket is the same length as the front pocket. I was able to stash a suppressed Mark23 in this compartment. Now I must warn you, this bag does not have a lot of give. It is rather rigid. So if you have two firearms in the main compartment, this CCW section will be very tight.

    For more storage solutions the Covert case has an admin pocket with elastic loops for securing tools and such.

    The bag has three carry handles.

    You can unbuckle the shoulder straps and stash them in this rear pocket.

    The bottom section of shoulder straps goes inside this pocket. There is one on each side of the bag.

    The Specialist Covert case is a very well built case and feels like it will last forever. Nothing feels cheap about it. However, with this sturdiness and rugged construction there is a compromise and that is weight. The case weighs over 7 pounds dry. I haven’t even stored anything and it weighs as much as a rifle. The price is right though at just $79.99. It is offered in three colors; black, tan and olive drab green. The premium colors like Multicam and Multicam Black are yet to be made. Surprisingly, they have not made this case in gray yet.

    Mag Buddy – Magazine Storage Solutions

    The one storage solution from Savior equipment that caught me by surprise was the Mag Buddy. At first, I thought, “why would I need this?” I just stash my mags in a range bag or in the pocket of a rifle case. And while that certainly works, this is another level of organization. Savior makes the Mag Buddy in three sizes: Pistol mags, Rifle mags, and extended pistol mags.

    All of the Mag Buddy storage solution pouches have the same features aside from capacity. They have a loop velcro section and they come with a writable pic patch if you want to write what mags are inside. I opted to use PVC patches of the guns the mags are for.


    storage solutions

    The rifle mag buddy holds three rifle magazines. It can fit .308 magazines like SR25 and M1A mags. It can even fit 3 AK-47 magazines.

    In the back is a zippered compartment. Due to the ridged construction of the Mag Buddy, there is not a lot of room and the material does not flex that much. So this is more for documents. Like copies of your tax stamps.

    A nice touch, they have a small elastic loop to retain the zipper pull from rattling.

    The velcro flap has a rubber/Hypalon-like material for the pull tab.

    Savior even has storage solutions for regular handgun magazines. The Mag Buddy Pistol Mag Pouch holds 5 pistol magazines.

    9mm all the way up to .45ACP fits just fine.

    One use I can see for the Mag Buddy would be for competition. My open division length magazines for my 9mm STI Steel Master 2011 fit in the Mag Buddy. Even though the base pad protrudes past the flap, the flap can still stick to the front and close.

    There is enough loop velcro to hold the flap on the longer competition mags.

    The extended magazine pouches hold 4 magazines.

    The pouch is a little bit long for 30 rd MP5 magazines.

    You can use it for other PCC magazines like Scorpion Evo and Kriss Vector magazines.

    The extended mag pouch is perfect for storing 30 rd Sterling magazines.

    The 20rd Promag extended H&K USC magazines are a bit tall. But just like the pistol mag pouch, there is plenty of velcro for the flap to close.

    Savior Pistol Rack

    Savior made some racks to store rifles and pistols at an outdoor range. Now they have a series of pistol racks for carrying and storing handguns. These pistol racks seem like storage solutions for an indoor range or for organization in a safe.

    The pistol rack comes flat packed like Ikea furniture. Some assembly is required. Savior does provide all the tools and hardware to build them.

    There are three sizes of pistol racks and they just get wider to hold more pistols. They are as follows; four pistols, seven pistols and twelve pistols.

    Assembly and construction are rather straightforward. There are four steel rods with threaded ends. You slide on a polymer divider and a closed-cell foam pad. Then repeat the process.

    Savior sent me a four pistol rack and seven pistol rack. I was only able to fit the four pistol rack in my safe. As you can see below, I have enough space to accommodate the pistol rack.

    There are some drawbacks to the racks. First of all, is the thickness of the closed-cell foam pad. I know it wouldn’t be as strong if it was thinner but you can see how much space the bottom of the pistol rack takes up. The width of the slots for pistols does not accommodate competition magwells that well.

    Another minor issue is that if you have a light or laser on your handgun, it makes the pistol stick up over the top of the rack.

    The pistol racks are sturdy and I don’t feel like they would break when fully loaded, although I do not have the 12 pistol rack. The racks are $29.98, $49.98, and $69.99 for their respective sizes and they come in four different colors. black, OD green, gray and tan. I opted for tan thinking it would help make it easier to see the pistols inside them by reflecting some light. Especially since a lot of my handguns are black. It provides a nice contrast when the rack is inside my safe.

    Final Thoughts On Savior’s Storage Solutions

    The Specialist Covert case is well built but I do not think it is that covert. Maybe it is because I recognize bags of that size and shape. Also, the colors are not exactly discreet either. I think I prefer their double rifle cases instead which feels like it holds a lot more gear and accessories for a slightly lower price. Functionality over form. The covert case does not have a waist belt, but it looks like you could add on. I found that the bottom carry handle rides below my waist and I do not see myself carrying this on my back for long distances.

    The Mag Buddy is the most surprising product that they sent. I do use them and it is nice having my magazines organized and not loose in a range bag. I can see the pouch in my trunk and instantly and positively identify which one I want and what magazines are inside. They also protect my magazines from scratches and damage from other items smashing into them.

    The pistol rack is nice but the tall foam pad is what kills it for me. It is just too tall. If they could make the bottom of the pistol rack just a 1/4 or even 1/2 inch, it would be much better. I feel like so much space and material is being wasted.

    For more information go to Savior Equipment and check out their many different storage solutions.

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