CCI Segmented Hollow-Point Subsonic

Steve Johnson
by Steve Johnson

CCI have renamed Quik-Shot as SHP (Segmented Hollow Point) and are now offering it as a subsonic round!

It will drive a 40 gr bullet at 1050 ft/s with 98 ft/lbs of energy! This is great news for me. I have been using Quik-Shot but since I use a suppressor subsonic is preferable.

CCI’s unique Segmented Hollow-Point (SHP) bullet is now available in 22 Win Mag and a 22 Long Rifle subsonic load. This offering is ideal for bigger targets that require a larger wound area and makes perfect sense in the 22 WMR. The flat-shooting SHP is designed to break up into three sections on impact for even more stopping power. These three segments diverge from the main path for unique terminal performance on game. The subsonic 22 LR offering is great when hunting around a populated area and a quiet, effective round is needed.

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Steve Johnson
Steve Johnson

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  • Odie Odie on Jan 01, 2010

    Countries that allows using silencers the "new" 22wmr cartridge from CCI is making sence. I've been bying wmr rifle, but haven't bought it yet cause of the muzzle noice. Now there is at least two manufactures that provides subsonic wmr shots I've gotta by me a new rifle. In finland silencers are allowed and even free of licence .

  • Jim Jim on Jan 02, 2010

    Hi I was wondering there are a bunch of plans forsale on making on makeing homemade suppressers ie: coke bottle, pop can.
    has anyone tried these and do they work? I know it i illegle to own I just want to know for academic research