Steyr AUG Enhancement Kit by CORVUS Defensio of Austria

Non-mainstream firearms like the Steyr AUG normally have a little aftermarket support. The development of new products with a small potential customer base is not always justified or results in an overly expensive product. Nevertheless, even if there is a very small demand, you’ll still find one or two companies offering upgrade parts for the relatively rare firearms. A company called Corvus Defensio located in Austria is specialized in making Steyr AUG upgrades. Let’s take a look at the five-part kit they offer.

The first part in the Corvus Defensio set is the 14.76″ top Picatinny rail which also has a machined out slot for direct mounting Trijicon ACOG scopes. It also features KeyMod slots on both sides of the front portion of the rail as well as QD sling sockets from either side of the rail.

Next part of the kit is the Corvus Defensio case deflector. It is a drop in part mounting directly on the AUG ejection port. In order to mount it, you need to place it on the ejection port and tighten the two screws. This part is supposed to deflect the cases forward decreasing the possibility of hot ejected brass hitting your face when shooting from unusual stances. This should also be useful when transitioning to support hand shooting.

Next one is a forward accessory rail replacing the stock vertical grip. It has a top Picatinny rail and KeyMod slots on both sides and the bottom portion. The use of top rail is rather hard to imagine – whatever accessory is mounted there it must be able to fit the narrow gap between the barrel and the rail.

Last two parts are KeyMod compatible 4 and 15 slot Picatinny rail sections. This set is available through the Corvus Defensio’s website at the MSRP of €374.17 (about $440).

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • Haulin’ Oats

    What kind of crummy enhancement kit is this if it has no trigger pack upgrade?

    • Mr._Exterminatus

      Maybe it has to do with legality? Not sure on export regs of trigger packs. I do know that in Austria if you’ve taped a flashlight to a broom you’ve created a weapon. This was told to me by a friend who is an Austrian defense contractor and owns a company that makes equipment for Austrian Special Forces (Note: they do not make firearms or any other weapons).

      • Markus

        Yeah… no. That’s just flat out wrong. Compared to some other European countries the Austrian “weapons law” (it does in fact cover more than just firearms) is pretty relaxed. There’s a somewhat retarded rule that you can’t legally attach lights to long-guns (meaning rifle/shotgun) and even the light itself would become illegal if it’s intended for doing so, but at the same time having a light on your handgun is perfectly fine. Of course the law also doesn’t say anything about how to differentiate those lights, so, yeah… laws written by people who have no clue what they’re talking about, as usual.

        That said, flashlights are perfectly legal. Broomsticks as well. Taping a flashlight to a broom, if you feel the need to do so, fine as well. Taping it to your legally owned handgun, sure. Holding it in your hand while holding your legally owned AR/AUG/SIG/whatever… still fine. Attaching it somehow to a weapon longer than 60 cm (shorter than that it’s considered a handgun) – there’s your felony. The exact wording is “Gewehrscheinwerfer” which basically translates to “rifle spotlight” and it’s a term probably nobody ever used outside of the legislative text.

        Source: Native speaker, attended law school, read the actual law.

        • Mr._Exterminatus

          Thanks for the clarification, the conversation was at least 5 years ago, so I may not have remembered it exactly right. And he may have been mistaken.

        • iksnilol

          Sooo… if you get a super short rifle (IE Honey Badger wannabe) that’s shorter than 60 cm it’s then legally a handgun?

          And then you can legally put a light on it since it’s a handgun?

          • Markus

            If super short rifles were legal, yes – sadly, they aren’t. Basically all semi-auto rifles are illegal in Austria unless they’ve been specifically approved for hunting or sporting purposes. And it’s a very short list, no new additions since what feels like forever… ARs made by OA, Schmeisser or Hera, Steyr AUG and SIG 552. That’s it as far as I know, plus a couple hunting rifles like the Browning BAR.

            On the other hand, conversion kits like CAA Roni or the Hera Triarii are quite popular since you can do and attach pretty much anything.

            Also, Austria is a rather tiny country – hardly any decent rifle ranges anyway, none that you can shoot at night that I know of and the chances of you having to shoot someone in self defense who’s wearing body armor or at a distance of more than 10 meters are infinitesimal slim. I think the rule was initially intended as an ill advised anti-poaching measure decades ago and nobody cared to change it as time passed by.

          • Joe

            Hunting game animals at night (light or no light) is generally illegal in most US states, but state laws vary. I’m not much of a hunter, but it does sound like an Austrian legal attempt to limit poaching. You must be very short on game animals to justify a felony, but we have less justifiable felonies here.

          • Timmah_timmah

            This was exactly what I was thinking – dumb poaching law. Sure that has stopped zero poachers from doing what they do.

          • Timmah_timmah

            So it does sound like gun laws there are actually pretty awful. No semiautos but an approved list California style. Yuck.
            Too bad. A well set-up carbine or SBR make outstanding defense weapons. Has absolutely nothing to do with body armor mate. And yes, many defensive shootings do occur at night, as that is when much of crime occurs. You don’t mount a light on your rifle for practicing at night. You mount a light on your rifle for defensive use when it may be needed. The likelihood is irrelevant! That is the logic gun grabbing totalitarians use to justify their stripping of rights.
            Lastly, you don’t need 300 yards to enjoy a rifle. I shoot at indoor 50 yard rifle ranges frequently. Sure, more room is nice, but sounds to me like you are making a bunch of excuses and rationalizations for not owning a semi-auto rifle. When really, your govt did this for you already. Worse still, they seem to have you duped into doing their bidding and spreading their irrational nonsense! Snap out of it man lol
            I beg of you to reconsider your stance and maybe educate yourself more on the topic. Better yet – come visit the States and we’ll show you where the real fun is at!

      • Peter Nissen

        Ah no – that would be Australia (Austria/Australia – mistake happens all the time). Go down the street in “Australia” with a stick remotely resembling a firearm (heaven forbid taping a led light to it) AND you get arrested and charged for – Going in Public to Incite Fear! Yep, that’s a real offence here in a country where it seems every second animal you come across wants to kill you. Truly – google Buff Australian Kangaroo attacks man and see what I mean!

        • Mr._Exterminatus

          I can guarantee you that my friend is from Austria, considering I’ve visited his hope, but I got the laws mixed up.

    • Corvus has developed a separate trigger pack that uses AR-15 trigger internals. It’s currently being certified by Steyr for reliability and safety.

      • jono102

        Isn’t Geissele also working on one as well?

        • I’ve heard that rumor, but nothing from Geissele saying they are.

          I do know Corvus is using both ALG and Geissele AR triggers in their packs – ALG as standard, Geissele by request.

          • jono102

            There were some images bouncing around either here on TFB or it may have been an ADF site showing one of them.

  • Jan Moszczuk

    You’ve lost me on keymod

    • Blake

      Cool bro.

  • Kyle

    Why is he shooting from his left shoulder with his right hand?

    • Giolli Joker

      He’s likely showing the advantage offered by the brass deflector to lefties, and maybe it was part of a video were he quickly switched shoulders without changing hand position.
      Either that, or he is right handed with left dominant eye. 🙂

    • iksnilol

      Because it’s a decent option since it is much faster than switching hand and shoulder.

    • Mr Mxyzptlk

      This also tends to be easier to do with bullpups than with conventional rifles due to the longer length of pull that bullpups often have. I know that the British army has been teaching this for a while if you are going round a right hand corner in CQB. You can actually fire an L85A2 off of the left shoulder, but you have to be very careful of the charging handle so it is pretty much only safe to use the back up red dot on top rather than the magnified optic.

      If the rifle can be comfortably used like this I would argue this is a better solution to holding it left handed as it is a quicker transition that you are less likely to fumble as you are never actually changing your grip.

  • Pete Sheppard

    So bye-bye to the original sight/carry handle…

    • rennsport4.4TV8

      Steyr has been selling them without it for years.

      • Pete Sheppard

        Ah. Thanks!

        • rennsport4.4TV8

          No problem.

  • john huscio

    The screaming raven is a nice touch

  • I have the Corvus rail, shell deflector, and extended magazine release. They are all beautifully machined and greatly enhance the functionality of the AUG.

    The direct mount ACOG groove is especially ingenious. It would be interesting to see that incorporated into more rail systems.

  • rennsport4.4TV8

    I’m really urging to get into an AUG. I don’t know why, but I have been craving one the last few months.

  • jono102

    To be honest, the trigger isn’t really something that should effect a good shooter and can be trained away from being an issue. Application of a bit of fine graphite powder to the trigger mech and anywhere there is plastic on plastic movement in the stock and its fine for military or most applications.