Browning Expands Hearing Protection Line

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Browning offers a wide range of shooting accessories to make the sport more enjoyable. From hunting gear to flashlights, the company seems to offer a little bit of everything for many shooters.

One of the areas the company dabbles in is hearing protection. The company already offered a number of products to reduce the harmful effects of gunshot noise. However, earlier this year, the company increased the number of ear pro options from which shooters could choose.

The first new product is the company’s behind the head hearing protector. While this style of muffs tends not to reduce as much noise as muffs with over the head bands, the new Browning version does offer 22 dB of attenuation. It is not as much as I would like, but it is substantial.

One of the main benefits to this style of muff is that the band runs behind the head. This reduces interference with things like a hat, plus many shooters state that these are more comfortable than muffs with a band that runs on top of your head.

Browning kept these inexpensive with a suggested retail price of $19.99.

The other new ear pro product released by Browning this year is the Cedence electronic hearing protector. This model has an amplification circuit that can boost ambient sounds. When noise reaches 82 dB, the amplifier cuts off and allows the passive muffs to do their job. The passive noise attenuation on these muffs is rated at 26 dB.

A suggested price of $64.99 can make these attractive. However, at this price point, you are getting a single omnidirectional mic instead of two (or even four) that would provide stereo sound and a better feeling of where noises were coming from. For not much more money (MSRP of about $100 and street price of about $70,) you can pick up the Howard Leight Impact Pro muffs that use stereo mics and offer a greater degree of noise attenuation: 30 dB.

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  • AlDeLarge

    I double up with the Howard Leight Impact Sport muffs and disposable foam earplugs. Crank the volume up most the way and it’s like you’re not wearing ear pro, but it cuts the gunfire down considerably. They’re pretty thin and have two microphones. They come back on quickly too. My first set of cheap electronic muffs cut out for almost a full second with every shot and had no wind protection. I ended up turning them off half the time.

    • Indianasteve

      Never tried the electronic muffs because I would have doubled up with the foam plugs also. Never thought about turning up the volumn, or even that that work. Maybe I will give them a try now. Thanks.