Bluetooth Capable Hearing Protection from Radians

    Radians R-3700

    Radians announced the company is now offering a Bluetooth capable set of hearing protection called the R-3700 Bluetooth Quad Mic. The new ear pro is a muff style set of hearing protection that offers a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 24 dB plus a wealth of electronics features that may be of interest to anyone upgrading from passive muffs.

    These muffs have an amplification circuit that boost low level sounds – such as conversation – while also protecting against harmfully loud sounds like gunfire. Unlike some of the least expensive muffs, the circuitry does not simply cut off the electronic amplification when a loud noise is encountered. Rather, the muffs use a compression system to reduce the harmful sounds while continuing to boost the soft sounds. In general, this will offer a better ability to hold conversations and hear range commands even when others are shooting.

    Radians uses four microphones in these muffs to give the wearer a good sense of where sounds are coming from. I’ve used mono, stereo and quad mic systems from other manufacturers, and have found the four microphone systems to be a clearly superior product.

    The R-3700 has Bluetooth compatibility. This will allow you to connect your phone or other audio device to the muffs and receive sounds through it.

    These muffs run on two AAA batteries and have a MSRP of $129.

    Richard Johnson

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