The Russian APS, PP 90 and ultra-rare PP91

Army Inside have released an interesting video with the APS pistol and the PP90 and PP91 sub-machine guns.

The video is well made and includes subtitles

The Stechkin pistol APS is a 9×18 mm Makarov pistol adopted in 1951, at the same time as the Makarov PM pistol.

The APS pistol shoots fully automatic as well, which is demonstrated in the video.

The PP90 sub-machine gun in 9×18 mm (Makarov) is next. It was designed for covert operations and developed by the KBP Instrument Design Bureau.

The PP90 is an automatic-only firearm with a straight blowback operation.

Folded, it is formed to look like a pencil case with the size of only 270x90x32 mm.

The sights look a bit challenging to use, but I guess that anything that’s visible thru both those holes will eventually get hit as long as it’s in range for the 9×18 mm. This is more of a point an shoot type of firearm.

It looks almost like a clay-more mine, but as they mention in the video, if you remember the VHS video cassette? Note the trigger which is protruding to the right.

Above and below: The Russian PP90 folded vs. loaded and ready to shoot. Sheet metal at its best?

It looks like the Russians might have taken a few ideas from the American Ares FMG (Folding Machine Gun). Check here for a reference:

Magpul was onto something similar with their Magpul FMG-9:

Last up in the video is the PP91 (KEDR) in 9×18 mm.

The PP91 is a semi and fully automatic machine gun based on the energy of free slide recoil, and has a magazine with two rows. The shoulder rest folds over the receiver, to facilitate storage and concealment.

The sight is diopter style.

Mr. Yevgeny Dragunov designed the PP91. Yes you guessed it, he also desiged the SVD sniper rifle.

Note the reversed recoil pad. At only about 1.6 kilos, it should be very light to handle.

Enjoy the video from Army Inside here:

Eric B

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  • RavishedBoy

    The PP91 could use a ported barrel (compensator).

  • Jonathan Galt

    In true Russian fashion, no ear or eye protection. My ears hurt just watching him. Also swept his hand pretty good a couple times.

  • Herr Wolf

    Does it take Glock mags?

  • Nick

    The latter two seem like spruced up versions of the liberator pistol. Cheap, easy to make stamped metal guns that even a monkey could figure out how to operate.

  • SP mclaughlin

    I think this video was posted here once before?

  • J-

    If you look carefully, there is a notch on the top of the rear sight on the PP90. It seems to be a non-adjustable notch and post sight system and the holes are there for weight reduction or to prevent the shooter’s view from being too obscured.

    • gunsandrockets


    • JSmath

      And watch those sights bounce around during firing. Surely best weapon for Russian covert shooting. Even if you don’t see target, sights will find them eventually.

  • Choogisaurus Rex

    PP91 has a very similar look to the VZ.61

  • yukon cornelius

    Man.. that pp90 puts a kel-tec sub2000 to shame. I think there are phones bigger than that thing when its folded.

    • JSmath

      Ya, because you’ll be able to buy one of those PP90’s stateside.

      At least Magpul had the brains to put a rail on the thing for reliable sight alignment, but these Russian clowns could be bothered.

      • andrey kireev

        Let me help you out here… He’s being sarcastic.

        • JSmath

          I was mad because I want one and know I’ll never have one as long as the NFA says I have to spend $200 extra on a Glock with a carrying case stock.

    • Cowboy Henk

      “The cheek weld on the pp91 looks like the definition of comfort.”
      It’s made that way so that you can still shoulder the firearm while wearing a special helmet with an additional armor plate that covers the face.

      There are quite a few submachine guns with stocks like that, but they’re usually very rare and made especially for SWAT teams, military entry teams, and secret-police-type government operators. Basically people who are tasked with entering buildings known to contain armed suspects/enemies.

      • yukon cornelius

        I did not know that, but it makes sense.

      • Wow!

        Aside from riot and ballistic face-shields, also for respirators like PAPR or SCBA units which can have seals broken under a little recoil even if you do manage to get a cheek rest. Uzi pro has a stock With a U shaped profile similar to this J style that the scorpion has. They still aren’t all that comfortable though.

  • rjackparis

    holyshit ivan is shooting full auto, no ear pro in doors.

    what’s ” WHAT?!” in russian again?

    • LCON

      Sorry I couldn’t Read this over the Sound of that AWESOME!!

  • Juice

    I think we’re spending too much time discussing those guns, and not enough time discussing that horrible haircut.

  • Kelly

    Notice how tough the Russians are, they don’t even need ear protection!

    • r h

      notice how deaf the Russian are they dont use hearing protection..
      but hey what can we expect form people who still believe Vodka has vitamins in it..

      • Max Glazer

        After you mix it with orange juice it does 😉

  • Kedr SMGs are not rare in Russia, used in more of a second-line capacity – like by guards at government buildings; and also I think they have a version for private security firms (I think it’s called Klyon – Kedr being “cedar” and Klyon “maple”).

  • Nobody on TFB hates Russians or Russian products. I don;t know where you got that.

  • Max Glazer

    DAT APS!!!